Circles of Ruins

A political social dialogue with the language of symbolic images.

Splinters of Civilization

Influenced by ancient frescos, these works reflect the eternal essence of humanity.


Nostalgic romanticism of things passed, that can return only as memories.


Everything has a choice, only love has no choice.

Theater of the Absurd

The belief that human existence has no meaning or purpose. It focuses on human beings trapped in incomprehensible world.

Solveig and Centaur

The symbolic story of love discusses many issues of complex relationship between a man and a woman.


Understanding similarities in human factor in every corner of the world. Observing Russia and America with love.

Figurative Art

A collection of traditional paintings, often inspired from poetical imagery and aesthetic aspiration.


Portraits are my passion. Through the portraits I collect and tell stories.

Decorative Art

Decorative Art

All Artworks

All artworks not sorted by the series