The classes: Drawing and Painting. The emphasis is on developing artistic vision and skills, as well as working with professionals on individual projects.

The Fundamentals for Beginners course introduces the student to the basic elements that create the art work.

The student learns to understand the variations and poetic qualities of line and composition. The students will train the eye to identify three dimensional objects and coordinate it on two dimensional surface. Learn fundamental rules of traditional technique. Students work with still life, models, objects and use variety of materials.

The Conceptual Development course.

Art work can reflect the beauty of life, and it can also step into deeper thinking, reaching to emotional or philosophical content.

This class will be about thinking strategy to create a statement on the canvas or paper, to translate the complex ideas into two dimensional surface.

This Book Illustration class can prepare the student to build a professional illustration portfolio.

Learn the layout and how to prepare necessary components to create a finished illustration work.

Classes under development:

• Principles of design

• Making puppets and puppet theater

• Film and TV